Full Day Jawai Safari Packages

Jawai is among the few places in world where you can witness harmony between human beings and wildlife creatures. Full Day Jawai Safari Packages is an innovative initiative taken by Thour Resorts so that you can enjoy your vacations in the lap of nature to the fullest. Our Jawai Safari Packages are planner in such a manner that give you enough opportunity to witness the flora & fauna of the area and visit nearby places.

We ensure that Jawai Bandh Safari is sufficient to rejuvenate your inner soul. In the full day safari, your safari will start early in the morning and all the meals except dinner will be offered you to at jungle only as the dinner will be served at resort. The timing of full day jungle safari can fluctuate on the basis of seasons. Experience the beautiful sunset from the sunset-point that will force you to forget all your burdens of life.

Best time to visit jawai : October - March

Note:- The timings of safari can change in a certain month or season. Please check the timings with our reps before booking.

Full Day Jawai Safari Schedule With Timing


Which is the best time for a full-day jawai safari?

The best time to do leopard safari in Jawai is October to March. However, the probability of sighting a leopard in Jawai is higher than that any other place in India and you can do it in any month or season here.

Are breakfast, lunch, and dinner included in the package?

No, the meals will be provided on extra charges.

Can I take breakfast at Jawai Dam?

Yes, you can do that. If you pay for it, we will bring breakfast in the safari or you can also bring your snacks if you want.

Can I change the schedule according to me?

Yes, you can do that. However, we recommend our schedule for giving you the best experience of a safari.

Is this compulsory to take stay in your resort?

No. You can only opt for a safari and head back to your place without staying.

What are the things that I need to pack for my safari?

We can ensure a great experience without having you to carry anything necessarily. Although, if you have a camera with 80x, a binocular with high zoom, safari cap, shoes, drinking water, and some snacks, you would probably feel more equipped for this trip.
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