When you are on a leisure trip, you expect everything to be the best. Thour helps you achieve it by providing you a fabulous dining experience. Our chefs ensure that you have the pleasure of tasting authentic Indian food. From the traditional Rajasthan food to the classic desi delicacies, you get to taste a wide range of items on our menu. While you stay in a remote place that is isolated from the major cities, but that doesn’t mean that you would run out of options.

With mouth-watering food, Thour ensures that its guests satiate their tastebuds. That’s how we maintain a great level of service and exceed your expectations in every way. By making this segment perfect, we make the tour of our guests impeccable. We understand that food is a very important part of our lifestyle and when we go to some new place, we want to try new tastes and flavors. Keeping that in mind, we make our dine-in top of the line and amaze our guests in the best possible way.

While making it delicious, we also ensure that our guests have fresh and healthy food on their plates. To make this possible, we grow vegetables at our farm using organic methods and materials. Lately, we all have started taking lots of precautions due to the pandemic and this has affected our food habits also. Thour makes certain that the food that is served to our guests is 100% organic and properly washed before being used. If you are dining with us, you are eating tasty and healthy food.

Our Dining Photos

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