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Thour allows you to feel the nature right into its lap, it brings you closer to Jawai, a land which offers a stunning panorama comprising of various elements. We ensure that you can experience every inch of land.

We provide comfortable and spacious tents which are equipped with all the modern amenities. With jungle and leopard safari, you can enjoy the tour with some thrilling moments. Unlike many other wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, it is very easy to spot the Leopards in Jawai. Quite surprisingly, these big cats have become familiar with communities living nearby and have been cohabiting for many years.

Scattered trees and granite rocks make their spotting very easy. Especially at night, when they are out for a hunt, our rangers can bring you very close to them. Besides leopards, you can also enjoy watching more than 100 species of migratory birds. Flamingos are found in abundance in this area they are truly a wonder to watch. Spread across 3 acres of property, Thour lets you enjoy every facility that you expect at a resort. Inside your tent, you will find cosy beds and a luxury bathroom with air conditioned environment. Our aim is to make your stay not just comfortable but memorable.

The bar and dining facilities are made to give a feel of luxury. You will be able to taste all types of cuisines including the traditional Rajasthani food. We have ensured that your tour to Jawai becomes a thrilling and amazing experience. This land has been overshadowed by other attractions in Rajasthan and Thour is a bid to make it otherwise. Thour gives you an unforgettable experience of wildlife and combines it with world-class services. It is our endeavor to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Our services have been streamlined to serve the guests only with the best. Our management and staff are on all fours to serve you and we promise not to disappoint you at all.

Our Service

We have tailored our services to deliver the perfect experience for you. Our aim is to outdo the expectations and surprise our guests with finesse in every segment of your tour. We have ensured that our guests feel secure in every manner. Our rangers who will accompany the guests in the safari are highly experienced and know this region really well.

The food we serve is totally home-grown using organic methods and when it comes to security, we have left no stone unturned to make our resort a Fort Knox. With armed guards and CCTV cameras, we ensure that neither an animal nor a human could trespass inside. We have made sure that your stay with us is fun, secure and comfortable in every way.
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Luxury Tents

Made with stainless steel, canvass, and leather, they blend comfort and luxury to deliver the best experience.

Leopard Safari

Letting you feel the adrenaline rush, our rangers make sure that you get a closer view of the docile big cats.


Enjoy the finest cuisines right in the middle of the jungle and savor the taste of the most delectable food.
Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Witnessing the wild animals preying in the night is a swashbuckling experience and we make it happen for you.

Safety and Security

Surveillance of the entire resort property is done 24/7 by CCTV cameras installed at all the major locations along with a unit of security guards to ensure foolproof security of our guests.


We serve home-grown organic food to you, from vegetables to dairy products, everything is produced at our property to ensure the best health of our guests.
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