Thour Nature Resorts - Leopard Safari Camp in Jawai, Rajasthan India

With breathtaking views of Jawai leopard safari camp and a luxurious stay, Thour helps you get closer to nature. Situated near the Jawai Dam which comes under Varaval belt, Post Bera of Pali district in Rajasthan India, this resort lets you enjoy the quintessential wildlife with sublime amenities. It gives you a chance to witness the unfettered life of leopards, crocodiles, and birds as they roam around ignoring your presence.

Thour gives you an insight into the essential existence of harmless big cats that abound in this region. We arrange safari tours at day and night both in private vehicles under the guidance of rangers. You can get to the best vantage points and take exquisite pictures from there. To make your stay comfortable, we have spacious tents equipped with air conditioners and luxury bathrooms. We ensure that you make the most of your tour with us and it becomes an unforgettable memory for your whole life.


Customized Packages For Everyone

Single Person

Male or female, if you a solo traveler, you will be accordingly charged with our packages tailored for individuals.


We make the tour perfect for a family with flexible tariffs that can be easily tweaked as per your convenience.


Safari in a group gets more enjoyable when specific demands are fulfilled, we ensure that you don’t get disappointed.


Be it a day outing or weekend trip, our packages ensure that your company makes the most of it without any hassle.

Our Tents

Spacious, comfortable and luxurious, the tents we provide are built on a stout framework. They are accoutred with all the facilities to make your stay memorable.

Thour ensures that your tent stay in Jawai is beyond your expectations at every front. Our tents are equipped with plush bedding, air conditioners, ensuite bathrooms, and all the other modern amenities that you can think of. They are crafted to give you an elevated sense of pleasure and comfort. From spaciousness to mindblowing views of Jawai, they give you everything and make your stay absolutely unforgettable.

When you come back from a long day of adventure and need the feel to relax, these tents give you an unmatched level of comfort that you cannot get from the tents of any other resort in Jawai. In our tents, you could feel the luxury all around you and relish these moments throughout your life. Once you are in these tents, you materialize your dream of having a luxurious vacation with your friends, family, and loved ones. You can every moment of your stay in these tents and bring back some vibrant memories with you.

If you are planning to spend the tour with your partners or friends, these tents are an ideal option for you because they are crafted to enhance your experience and they do it very well.

Our Service

We have tailored our services to deliver the perfect experience for you. Our aim is to outdo the expectations and surprise our guests with finesse in every segment of your tour. We have ensured that our guests feel secure in every manner. Our rangers who will accompany the guests in the safari are highly experienced and know this region really well.

The food we serve is totally home-grown using organic methods and when it comes to security, we have left no stone unturned to make our resort a Fort Knox. With armed guards and CCTV cameras, we ensure that neither an animal nor a human could trespass inside. We have made sure that your stay with us is fun, secure and comfortable in every way.
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Luxury Tents

Made with stainless steel, canvass, and leather, they blend comfort and luxury to deliver the best experience.

Leopard Safari

Letting you feel the adrenaline rush, our rangers make sure that you get a closer view of the docile big cats.


Enjoy the finest cuisines right in the middle of the jungle and savor the taste of the most delectable food.
Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Witnessing the wild animals preying in the night is a swashbuckling experience and we make it happen for you.

Safety and Security

Surveillance of the entire resort property is done 24/7 by CCTV cameras installed at all the major locations along with a unit of security guards to ensure foolproof security of our guests.


We serve home-grown organic food to you, from vegetables to dairy products, everything is produced at our property to ensure the best health of our guests.

Our Blog

Read our blogs to know more about the legends and anecdotes related to this region
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Thanks to the hilly region and plains in Jawai, spotting a leopard is possible throughout the year. However, if you want to maximize the probability, then plan your tour between the month of October and March. Leopard safari is conducted twice in a day i.e. morning and evening. You can spot the leopards in both the time slots that could be chosen as per your preference.
Two adult are allowed to stay in one tent with two children below 6 year.
The same thing can be done through our website, here’s the link:
Jawai Bandh is actually safer than various other places, especially at this time. It is an isolated region and the number of people here is always lesser than the number of visitors in other wildlife reserves. Moreover, the resorts provide you tents that are placed afar from each other so you don’t have to worry about maintaining social distancing with other guests.
The timing for the morning safari is 5 AM and for evening safari, it is 4 PM. The duration of the safari tour would be approximately 3 to 4 hours.
In Jawai, leopards can be easily spotted in any month or season of the year. However, if you want to maximize the chances just in case, then you should plan the tour between the months of September and March.
Yes, we are providing pickup and drop service from all the nearest airports, railway stations and bus stops. The charges for the pickup and drop would be determined as per your location.
Thour is making some serious efforts in a bid to protect wildlife from Covid-19. Upon arriving and before boarding the safari, our guests go through the thermal scanning and they have to wear a mask throughout the ride and stay. Social distancing is maintained in Jeeps and our tents are already placed afar from each other so guests don’t have to worry about the same when they are staying. The jeeps are sanitized before and after every ride, the rooms and the entire property are sanitized from time to time. Guests are also given hand sanitizers and our staff does the same. We serve fresh, home-grown organic food so the guests don’t need to worry about falling sick by eating unhealthy stuff.
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